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Find Tech Briefs with detailed product information for Truextent and Beryllium Dome Diaphragm Assembly.

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  1. PDF icon High Performance Beryllium Dome Diaphragm Assembly for Large Format Compression Drivers

    The development, manufacture, and testing of a new large format compression driver diaphragm using a beryllium dome and new type of polymer surround is detailed that exhibits improved performance.

  2. PDF icon TTB001 Truextent Tech Brief - BeX vs Radian

    BeX™ Be4016 in a Radian 950PB Compression Driver. TTB001 compares the performance of a Radian 950PB compression driver configured with the factory aluminum diaphragm assembly, with the same 950PB configured with the Truexent BeX4016 diaphragm assembly.

  3. PDF icon TTB002 Truextent Tech Brief - Tuning Forks

    Let Your Ears Do The Math! TTB002 compares the responses of three tuning forks made from aluminium, titanium, and Truextent Acoustic Beryllium. Simple listening allows you to quickly understand why beryllium is the superior material for use in electroacoustic transducers.