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BERYLLIUM Engineering Design ARCHIVE


Read more about beryllium metals and their engineering properties for advanced applications

  1. PDF icon Acoustic Properties of Beryllium

    Beryllium’s unique properties and acoustic characteristics make it more attractive for structural and coupling components in ultrasonic systems, than aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys, as well as the preferred material in high-frequency applications.

  2. PDF icon Fracture Toughness of CIP-HIP Beryllium at Elevated Temperatures

    Studies show that the fracture toughness of CIP-HIP Beryllium increases at temperatures above 400°F.

  3. PDF icon Fracture Toughness of Hot-Pressed Beryllium

    Beryllium’s very high ratio of elastic modulus-to-density makes it a prime candidate for structural materials in space vehicles. However, the design of critical beryllium components should be supported by a well-developed fracture control plan.

  4. PDF icon Product Forms Uses and Descriptions

    Materion beryllium, AlBeMet®, SupremEX® and E- Materials uses and applications are identified.

  5. PDF icon Property Evaluation of Spherical Beryllium Powder Billets

    Spherical beryllium powder billets produced by inert gas atomization show superior mechanical properties when compared to conventional comminuted beryllium powder.