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Thermal Properties


  1. PDF icon Thermal Conductivity of Hot Pressed Beryllium Between 4 And 600 K

    The increasing popularity of beryllium has resulted in the development of new testing procedures to analyze its mechanical and thermal performance. Advanced testing procedures provide critical data that can ensure customer expectations are met.

  2. PDF icon Thermal Expansion Of S200F Beryllium From 100K To 450K

    Tests of the cryogenic thermal expansion properties of structural grade beryllium S-200F shows consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures.

  3. PDF icon Thermal Expansion Of BeBeO - A Report

    Thermal expansion studies of four samples of Materion’s Be/BeO demonstrate consistent results among the samples.

  4. PDF icon Thermomechanical Properties Of Beryllium

    Among beryllium’s favorable characteristics are its excellent reflectivity for infrared radiation and its low atomic number, which enables it to transmit x-rays 17 times better than an equivalent thickness of aluminum. Due to beryllium’s superior thermomechanical properties, it is increasingly used for applications such as plasma-facing components and breeder blankets.