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Composites and Clad Metal Technical Materials Library of White Papers

Below please find detailed engineering data in the Materion Technical Materials Library of White Papers.

Learn more about the clad materials featured in these technical papers.

If you cannot find the information you need or would like to request additional technical product details, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Clad Metal Technical Papers

  1. Web Page #06-Wrought Clad Inlay Palladium-Nickel Contact Material Systems for Dry Circuit Applications

  2. Web Page #07-A Comparison of Electroplated Gold Flash Palladium-Nickel and Clad Gold Alloy Capped Palladium-Silver

  3. Web Page #08-The Influence of Manufacturing Technology on the Effectiveness of Nickel Diffusion Barriers for High Temperature Dry Circuit Applications

  4. Web Page #10-Interdiffusion Between Connector Contact Materials and Nickel Diffusion Barriers During Precipitation Hardening of High Performance Spring Materials

  5. Web Page #13-An Examination of the Metallic Bonding of a Clad Material and Two Gold Plating Systems under Constant Force Fretting Conditions

  6. Web Page #15-The Influence of Coating Technology on the Mechanical Performance of Thin High Performance Connector Springs

  7. Web Page #16-Mass Diffusion in Polycrystalline MetalElectroplated Gold Planar Couples

  8. Web Page #18-A Comparison of a Clad Material and an Electroplated Gold over Palladium material system

  9. Web Page #19-Sliding Wear Experiments On Clad Gold-Nickel Material Systems Lubricated With a 6-Ring Polyphenyl Ether

  10. Web Page #21-Wear Properties of Commercially Processed Thin Gold Alloy Connector Contact Materials

  11. Web Page #22-Comparison of Coefficient of Friction and Contact Resistance During Sliding Wear on Clad Gold-Nickel Surfaces

  12. Web Page #23-The Influence of Surface Defect Size on the Wire Bond Pull Strength for Automotive Lead Frame Materials

  13. Web Page #24-Correlation of Changes in Coefficient of Friction and Contact Failure During Sliding Wear Experiments

  14. Web Page #25-The Influence of Stamping Die Design on the Selectivity of Electroplated Coatings on Connector Contact Surfaces

  15. Web Page #26-Technical Overview of Silver as a Candidate Contact Material for Automotive Connectors

  16. Web Page #27-An Evaluation of Aluminum Wire Bondable Surfaces for Automotive Lead Frame Applications

  17. Web Page #28-On The Upper Temperature Limit for Tin Connector Contact Surfaces

  18. Web Page #29-Development and Application of Connector Contact Material Systems for Elevated Temperature Exposure

  19. Web Page #30-Engineered Metallic Strips by Cladding and Plating for Fuel Cell Applications

  20. Web Page #31-Roll-Bonded Clad Metal Foils as Ag-Cu-Ti Active Brazing Filler Metals

  21. Web Page #32-Engineered Metallic Strip for Fuel Cell Applications

  22. Web Page #33-An Evaluation of Wire Bond Systems For Manufacturability

  23. Web Page #34-Special Metal for High Power Battery Packs and Connections

  24. Web Page #35-Inlay Clad Metal for High Temperature Connector Applications

  25. Web Page #36-Engineering and Fabrications for Multiple-Submicron-Layer Clad Metals

  26. Web Page #37-Wire Bond Comparison of Different Aluminum Alloys and Thicknesses

  27. Web Page #38-Development and Application of Thermally Functionalized Structural Materials for Heat Spreading in Handheld Devices