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 #7 A Comparison of Electroplated Gold Flash Palladium-Nickel and Clad Gold Alloy Capped Palladium Silver

Abstract: This Materion Technical Materials study examines the properties of both electroplated gold flash palladium-nickel (GFPdNI) and WE#1 capped palladium-silver (WE#1/PdAg). The electrical resistivities were measured in order to understand contact resistance differences. Electrical stability during and after environmental and mechanical tests was evaluated. Environmental tests included:

  • Thermal aging at elevated temperature
  • Battelle flowing mixed gas exposure

Mechanical tests included:

  • Formability
  • Sliding wear
  • Fretting

Key attributes which were measured and reported included:

  • Electrical resistivity Hardness
  • Contact resistance Porosity level
  • Coefficient of friction during sliding wear
  • Fretting cycles to failure

It was found that GFPdNi demonstrated lower electrical resistivity, higher hardness, lower initial contact resistance, lower coefficient of friction and greater durability during sliding wear.

WE#1PdAg demonstrated acceptably low initial coefficient of friction, greater electrical stability during thermal aging and Battelle FMG exposure, better formability, and greater resistance to fretting wear.

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