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#30-Engineered Metallic Strips by Cladding and Plating for Fuel Cell Applications

Abstract: Investigations and developments of metallic materials for fuel cell components have been very active recently. Different materials’ technologies need to be evaluated in the development and manufacturing of PEMFC bipolar plates, SOFC interconnects as well as stack sealing materials.

Solving Fuel Cell Related Issues

This Materion Technical Materials paper reviews how roll-bond cladding and electrochemical plating technologies can be possibly utilized to solve specific materials’ issues related to fuel cells. Noble and/or corrosion resistance alloys have been clad to low cost base alloys to create bulk material systems with their surfaces tailored to the fuel cell environment. Plating techniques are applied as required by each individual plate surface. Diffusion annealing can be employed to modify clad or plated metal surfaces for potential enhancement in surface performance. Multiple-layer clad foils provide an active brazing filler option for sealing of the cell stacks.