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#32- Engineered Metallic Strip for Fuel Cell Applications

Abstract: High fuel efficiency, high output electrical power density, and low cost are three major factors among the others in order to achieve fuel cell commercialization. To reach the objectives in these three areas set by industries and government agencies, fuel cell developers at Materion Technical Materials have been seeking a route to apply metallic components, originally made from ceramic or graphite at higher thickness, in bi-polar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and interconnects in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).

Metallic Materials

Metallic materials typically offer low material costs and manufacturing efficiency at a reduced final cost for components. However, metallic fuel cell components and their manufacturing face unique technical challenges. Therefore, a broad range of engineered material systems and technologies need to be employed. This paper reviews how several materials technologies have been utilized to solve discrete, fuel cell specific performance issues. In particular, roll-bond cladding and plating of metals strips were investigated for fuel cell applications.