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#34- Special Metal for High Power Battery Packs and Connections 

Abstract: Battery power applications require interconnects and outlets for battery packs and power outputs. Traditionally, most widely used material in the pack interconnects and connection outlets or tabs is commercial pure nickel, because of its reliable weldability, high formability, good strength, low surface contact electrical resistance and good corrosion resistance in atmosphere. However, the bulk electrical conductivity of nickel is relatively low, which becomes a concern when high power battery packs are applied for applications. In particular, low electrical current carry capacity of nickel interconnects is an adverse performance restriction in the battery power system for plug-in hybrid and hybrid electrical vehicles. In addition, high price volatility of nickel in market is not desirable.

Special Hybrid Metal

At Materion Technical Materials a special hybrid metal has been newly developed. This special metal is composed of stainless steel cladding layers sandwiched over copper core base, with special nickel coating at the outer surfaces. The special hybrid metal has been engineered with the considerations in weldability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, formability and strength as well as cost. This material possesses a high electrical conductivity, twice as the one of commercial pure nickel. Welding experiments showed that the material has good weldability in parallel resistance welding and laser welding. The material has good mechanical strength and formability, as well as corrosion resistance in a humid environment.