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Filter and Optical Coatings Technical Briefs

Find detailed technical data in our library of Technical Briefs for optical interference and narrow bandpass filters.

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  1. PDF icon Advanced MEMS and Packaging - Technical Paper

    Learn more about today's wafer level processes used for MEMS and packaging and the benefit of spray coating technology.

  2. PDF icon Low Angle Shift Coatings

    Materion new technology delivers high performance optical interfrence filters.

  3. PDF icon Multispectral Array Technology - Meeting New Space Economics and Obligations.

    Space applications broaden and become economically feasible with Materion's multispectral array technology.

  4. PDF icon New Facility for Manufacturing and Testing Very Large Narrow Bandpass Filters and Other High Performance Optical Coatings

    Materion designed and built a new laboratory designed for handling very large filters and optical coatings and filters.

  5. PDF icon Optical Interference Filters

    Materion work on measurement of linear variable filters.

  6. PDF icon SPIE Poster Presentation

    Materion's Tom Mooney presents technical paper and poster on Very Large Narrow Bandpass Filters at SPIE in Montreal.