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Find detailed technical data in our library for MoldMax products. These Tech Briefs include information on polishing, cleaning, processing, surface coatings and EDM performance.

If you cannot find the information you need or would like to request additional technical product details, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.


  1. PDF icon Tech Briefs - Cleaning MoldMAX Molds

    This technical brief descibes procedures to remove corrosion product from and brighten the surface of MoldMAX® molds.

  2. PDF icon Tech Briefs- EDM Of MoldMAX

    This Technical Brief discusses the electrical discharge machining of copper beryllium mold materials, including MoldMAX® and PROtherm.

  3. PDF icon Tech Briefs - Polishing MoldMAX Molds

    This Technical Brief discusses how to polish the surface of MoldMAX and Protherm high performance mold materials.

  4. PDF icon Tech Briefs - Processing PVC With MoldMAX

    Processing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can create hydrochloric acid (HCl) that can corrode even the corrosion-resistant MoldMAX tools. Damage to tooling by HCl can be prevented by proper compounding, processing, and maintenance.

  5. PDF icon Tech Briefs - Surface Coatings For Plastic Molds Using MoldMAX Family of Alloys

    MoldMAX alloys often have sufficient surface hardness to resist wear and abrasion caused by the injected resin or the mold parting line. When additional hardness is required to enhance wear resistance and prolong tool life, MoldMAX may be coated with a harder material.

  6. PDF icon Tech Briefs - Weld Repair Of MoldMAX and PROtherm Mold Materials

    MoldMAX HH, MoldMAX LH and PROtherm copper beryllium alloys can be effectively and safely welded using conventional welding equipment and processes. This paper presents guidelines and recommended welding and heat treating practices.