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Thin Films Technical Briefs

Materion provides detailed technical papers covering a range of thin film topics including Photocatalytic thin films, precious metal targets, medical / biomedical thin films and transparent conductive oxide thin films.

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Following are technical papers covering a range of thin film topics. 


  1. PDF Document Spark Plasma Sintering and Hot-Pressing Al-30%Sc Sputtering Targets

    Access Materion's research on using powder metallurgy as an alternative method for producing a wide variety of Aluminum Scandium (AlSc) compositions for the semiconductor industry.

  2. PDF Document Basic Study on ZrOx Rotatable Sputtering

    Zirconium oxide is a well-established ceramic material with superior mechanical & thermal stability. It is gaining interest for use in large-area coating of architectural glass.

  3. PDF Document Reactive Deposition-Enabling Enhanced Thin Film Performance

    Using the classic high index oxides, examples will be given on factors that influence process control from passively reactive e-beam processes and how reactive sputtering targets, techniques and platforms work in concert to reach the highest quality “as-deposited” thin films for precision films.

  4. PDF icon Role of Thin Films in Blood Glucose and Biosensors

    There are three generations of thick film and thin film blood glucose biosensors to assist in diabetes monitoring.

  5. PDF icon Coating Processes Evolve

    Satisfying special optical requirements.

  6. PDF icon Developing a Fundamental Understanding of Gold Spitting

    What factors contribute to gold spitting during the evaporation process? Materion addresses this common industry problem and offers potential solutions.

  7. PDF icon Functionally Engineered Thin Film Matls

    Engineered materials are the future of thin film technology.

  8. PDF icon Medical and Biomed Thin Film Matls Prosthetic Implants

    Applications for thin film materials in the medical and biomedical fields is increasing.

  9. PDF icon Ohmic Contacts to Gallium Arsenide Devices

    Metal-to-semiconductor contacts are present in every semiconductor device.

  10. PDF icon Photocatalytic Thin Film Materials

    Photocatalytic thin film materials are now being used extensively for a broad range of applications.

  11. PDF icon Precious Metal Target Enhancements

    Sputtering is used in a variety of commercial applications.

  12. PDF icon PVD Magnetron Sputtering Parameters Effects

    Higher deposition power and lower chamber pressure result in greater Sn loss during sputter deposition.

  13. PDF icon Reflectance in Thin Films

    High reflection spectral regions are different for metals, semiconductors and insulators.

  14. PDF icon Transparent Conductive Oxide Thin Films

    TCO have high optical transmission at visible wavelengths and electrical conductivity close to that of metals.