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The Materion Website Site Search operates like most other Website searches. Entering descriptive keywords and phrases will likely return hits leading to your desired information. Using the dropdown filters to restrict the scope of your search may be helpful in quickly finding content that is most relevant.

Here are a few tips on using the more advanced features of the Site Search:

Phrase search ("")
Entering double quotes around a set of words will cause the search engine to look for the exact words in that exact order. Note that by insisting on a phrase search, you might be missing good results accidentally. For example, a search for “John Smith” will miss pages that refer to “John G. Smith”

Search single word exactly as is ("")
The Materion search engine employs synonyms automatically, so that it finds pages that may have a plural form of the keyword you entered, or perhaps corrects for commonly misspelled keywords. However, there may be times when the synonym is not appropriate to your intended search. Entering double quotes around a single word will cause the search engine to match that word precisely as you typed it.

The Wildcard Operator (*)
The *, or wildcard, is a little-known feature that can be very powerful. The * can be inserted as a suffix to any keyword and the search engine will treat the star as a placeholder for any unknown characters and then find the best matches. For example, a search for beryl* - returns results related to beryllium, berylcoat, beryllium oxide, and others.