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Materion is a leading supplier of high performance alloys that enhance new technologies, providing unique alloy solutions tailored to meet our customers’ specific performance requirements. In addition to our superior performance alloy materials, we also offer our customers outstanding alloy services, and support to help meet the needs of today’s competitive business environment.


With short life cycles and even shorter development times, our customers rely on Materion to help them quickly move designs from concept to production. Our alloys services capabilities include:

  • Material Selection and Property Information: We will help you select materials that provide the best solution for your application, performance goals, processing criteria and cost considerations.
  • Design Assistance and Review: We will review your designs to verify the suitability of an alloy for the design and material for the application and help identify potential problems before a single part or prototype is made.
  • Fabrication and Processing: Our technical specialists can assist with processing our materials – providing detailed guidelines and information on operations such as machining, welding, brazing, soldering, heat treating, cleaning and EDM.
  • Industry Contacts and Certified Suppliers: If for any reason we cannot provide the help you need, we will refer you to a supplier with demonstrated expertise and specialized equipment and technology in a wide variety of areas including stamping, forging, extruding, heat-treating, casting, testing and design.
  • Infrared (IR) Camera Imaging: We provide IR imaging for our plastic mold and tooling customers, which enables us to look inside a mold and show our customer how and where alloys with specific thermal management properties would make a difference in their molding operations.
  • Failure Analysis: If a customer experiences a failure with their design using our material, we have the technology to identify problems and recommend potential solutions.


Materion’s team of experts is committed to delivering superior technical services to our customers. We partner with our customers to provide customized alloy development services and support to meet their unique needs and requirements. This service includes providing material samples for prototypes or experimental purposes, delivering customized technical seminars to zero in on the needs of a customer’s operation and partnering with our customers to design and execute technical or research projects on our materials.

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