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Rapid Prototyping Program For X-Ray Window Assemblies

With rapid prototyping, x-ray window assembly manufacturers can realize the benefits of a thorough design iteration process while shaving time and costs off the traditional product development process.

Materion Electrofusion has the engineering and operational expertise to quickly produce prototype quantities of your window assemblies, and the scale to move into larger production when you're ready.  Our rapid prototyping capabilities can help your operations:

  • Go to market faster — 2-4 week turnaround on prototype quantities, versus the typical 8-12 weeks
  • Reduce project costs — pricing based on production volumes
  • Realize faster proof of concept — allowing you to finalize designs more quickly

The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

For a company seeking to deliver a superior end product and experience for its customers, rapid prototyping offers a way to accomplish both while keeping costs down. With each product design, rapid prototyping enables a fine-tuning of the product based on real-world experience and client input. At the same time, each iterative design provides valuable, historical data that informs new designs while proving the concept. And because the design is manufactured quickly and at prototype quantities, project costs are kept down.

Rapid prototyping also helps to deliver a positive client experience.  Each design iteration allows the client or end customer to detail exactly what they want and, upon project completion, realize their vision.

Rapid Prototyping Support

Experts in rapid prototyping for x-ray window assemblies, Materion Electrofusion has the beryllium supply, engineering expertise and fabrication capabilities to fully support your operations.

Beryllium Foil From Materion Electrofusion

We maintain an extensive inventory of high-purity beryllium foils.  The foil gauges range from 8µm (0.0003") to 6.35mm (0.250") and purities ranging from 98.5% for our PS-200® grade, to 99.8% for our IF-1® grade.

Engineering Support Available at Materion Electrofusion

Engineering Support
Our team of Project Engineers are available to assist with your design and ease of manufacturability.  Your rapid prototype project will be managed through a single point of contact who will be responsible for successfully delivering your prototypes, and who then will work with you for subsequent pilot and production runs.

Manufacturing at Materion Electrofusion

Our 40,000 ft2 facility in Fremont, California, is capable of complete turnkey fabrication using the following operations:

- Environmentally Controlled Beryllium Processing
- CNC Mill and Lathe Machining
- Laser Cutting
- Waterjet Cutting
- Beryllium Hot-Forming
- Vacuum Furnace Joining
- Electron Beam Welding
- Protective Coatings Application
- XRF Inspection
- Mass Spectrometer Helium Leak Detection

Materion has been a central source of beryllium metal products since 1931, with its own ore reserves and mining capabilities. Materion’s business structure allows the processing of raw materials from extraction through refinement. This unique capability positions Materion as the only fully-integrated source for beryllium x-ray windows and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) windows for the analytical, medical and scientific industries.

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