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When you need durable and reliable packaging material quickly!

Materion’s COVERexpress service can deliver Combo-Lids™ and preforms within half the existing scheduled time.  When R&D projects require smaller quantities, our faster delivery lead times can accelerate projects and decrease time to the market.

Cover Express LogoCOVERexpress Benefits

Our new service provides an advantage for customers who require smaller quantities with a shorter delivery time for product feasibility studies and rapid prototyping. It is also highly beneficial for customers who are looking for smaller production volumes. 

Our new service eliminates the requirement to fabricate hard tools. Instead,it employs a soft tool which is constructed to swiftly produce complex designs or micro-sized products.

Cover Express Delivery

Products That Deliver

  • Materion is the industry’s microelectronic packaging cover lid innovator.
  • Broad range of lids for every application – hermetic sealing, micro packaging, heat sensitive electronics, sensor applications, non-magnetic, ceramic and more.
  • Tooled for over 8,000 preforms in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials & configurations. 
  • Customizable Combo-Lid™ designed & manufactured to your specific requirements.
  • High purity materials for extremely effective seal rings & excellent soldering performance.

Features and options include:

  • Gold-Tin preforms for superior hermetic sealing
  • Non-precious and lead-free solders
  • Edge metallization on ceramic lids for uniform fillet formation
  • Preform tack welding for both metal and ceramic products