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Materion Electrofusion, the premier source of Conflat® flange mounted diffusion bonded beryllium windows has over 35 years of experience building standard and custom beryllium X-ray window solutions to satisfy the most demanding industrial and scientific research applications.

Materion Electrofusion diffusion bonded UHV beryllium windows can sustain bakeout temperatures up to 450°C, and are guaranteed leak tight to a helium mass spectrometer leak-rate of 1x10-9 atm-cc/sec.


Unlike other beryllium window manufacturers, Materion Electrofusion’s diffusion bonding is performed at temperatures well below the melting point of braze alloys, thus attaining high temperature performance without compromising beryllium strength. 

Strict control of bonding temperature and pressure also controls braze alloy flow, successfully eliminating high absorption alloy contamination of the window’s effective aperture.

In addition, our facility combines the strengths of beryllium foil fabrication, engineering and assembly manufacturing, giving customers the technology they require all under one roof. 

Materion Electrofusion is recognized worldwide as the largest, most comprehensive resource for standard and custom beryllium window assemblies, allowing us to meet all the needs of our customers:

  • Foil availability in many grades, ranging from ultra-high purity IF-1® to standard purity commercial grade PS-200
  • Various assembly configurations
    • Catalog items
    • Custom prototype and production quantities


Materion Electrofusion strives for customer satisfaction. We provide prompt quotations for standard foil and sheet, and for custom window or UHV assemblies Our ultimate goal is to provide the service and quality products expected of an industry leader.  All products produced and sold by Materion Electrofusion carry an industry-leading lifetime warranty covering any defects in material and workmanship. 

Materion Electrofusion is the only fully integrated manufacturer of beryllium window assemblies in the world. All critical beryllium processing, design engineering, and joining fabrication is performed in-house.

We can assist at any level our customers choose, whether supplying complete window assemblies or simply foil windows. As your collaborative partner, we can design to your requirements or build to your design.

Materion Electrofusion has been the leader in the beryllium window and UHV beryllium assembly business since 1966.  Unmatched in the industry, we invite you to challenge the depth of our experience.  

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