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Materion’s wide variety of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) offer superior mechanical and physical properties that deliver improved structural performance. This enables the design of durable, lightweight and stable structures. 

Whether for high stability optical platforms in space applications or for strong, stiff and light performance automotive components, our MMCs offering can support your specific design needs.


Materion MMCs are manufactured using powder metallurgy techniques, allowing for tailored combinations of a metal matrix with ultrafine ceramic or beryllium. Careful control of reinforcement particles, distribution and size allows us to provide outstanding structural performance in a range of billet, extruded, sheet and forged forms.

Materials can be machined and coated to make precision parts in sizes ranging from a few grams to several tons. The benefits of Materion MMCs as compared to other metals include:

  • Aluminum: MMCs offer higher modulus, strength and fatigue strength with good corrosion and non aggressive wear resistance and provide more than 25% weight saving for stiffness critical parts 
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforce Polymer (CFRP): MMCs offer similar isotropic properties, equivalent weight savings and good damage tolerance. Conventional metallic design and processing
  • Steel: MMCs provide 64% to 74% lower density 
  • Titanium: MMCs provide higher modulus with more than 36% weight saving, are easier to forge and faster to machine leading to total component cost savings


Materion Metal Matrix Composites extend the range of mechanical performance by using finer reinforcements from a micron to sub-micron scale. This property enables higher strength and allows the use of conventional high speed machining processes to realize precision parts with high finish and tolerances. 

Materion products using this technology include AlBeMet® composites, aluminum-beryllium MMCs and SupremEX® (225XE, 620XF, 640XA) aluminum silicon carbide MMCs.

Contact a Materion Metallurgist today to discuss how Materion can support your lightweight design needs.