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We are at the forefront of customized, high-performance specialty strip metal products.  Materion Technical Materials continues to be your partner of choice to solve material application challenges.

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Materion Technical Materials History

Founded originally in 1968 as Technical Materials, Inc., and later made a subsidiary of Brush Engineered Materials in 1982, we are the world’s leading resource for engineered, specialty strip metal solutions, offering a wide range of reel-to-reel products for a variety of high performance applications. 

Materion Technical Materials specializes in customized high performance specialty strip metal products, and our breakthrough technologies exceed the capabilities of single alloys available in the market place today. 

As Materion Technical Materials, we are poised to better serve you, offering a wide scope of products, services and expertise in numerous markets.

Materion Technical Materials Markets:

With high performance products, services and technologies to match the markets we serve, Materion Technical Materials is dedicated to meeting the demands of your applications, and helping you lead the way in your industry.

Contact Materion Technical Materials today to learn about how our high performance products and services can help your business grow.