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Copper beryllium (CuBe) alloys offer a unique combination of strength, conductivity, hardness and corrosion resistance and are non-magnetic and spark resistant. 

CuBe materials are successfully used in: Aerospace and Defense Automotive  | Consumer Electronics | Industrial | Oil and Gas | Telecom and Server

Copper beryllium offers many benefits, including the greatest strength of all copper-based alloys (up to 1,400 MPa / 200,000 psi), conductivity that maintains the flow of electrical and thermal energy, improved miniaturization that allows smaller parts and connectors that have high a repetitive cycle life and can be formed into complex shapes. It has excellent stress relaxation to retain contact force at elevated temperatures and durability that resists wear, corrosion and galling.

Materion manufactures copper beryllium rod, bar, wire, tube, plate, strip, forgings, and extrusions in several distinct compositions to meet specific property requirements. See below how each of our copper beryllium alloys can enable and enhance your end-use applications.  

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   Aerospace and Defense

CuBe alloys offer high strength and high conductivity for aircraft electronic contacts and components. CuBe materials for aerospace and defense include: 


CuBe alloys have high electrical conductivity and good formability for complex shapes for wire harnesses, connectors, terminals, contacts and valve seats. CuBe solutions for the automotive market include:


Consumer Electronics

CuBe alloys provide high electrical conductivity and stress relaxation resistance for high reliability connectors, springs and switches in personal computers and handheld electronics. CuBe materials for consumer electronics include:



CuBe alloys offer high electrical, thermal conductivity and strength for industrial applications such as connectors, sensors, plastic mold tooling, resistance welding components, wear plates, switches, relays and casting and foundry. CuBe solutions for industrial applications include:


Oil and Gas

CuBe alloys provide the best combination of thermal and electrical conductivity with corrosion resistance and high strength for downhole drilling tools such as collars and subs, flex subs and shafts, rods, bushings, valve components, pump shafts and fasteners. CuBe solutions for oil and gas include:


Telecom and Server

CuBe alloys provide high electrical conductivity and fatigue strength properties for telecom connectors, including those in 5G applications. CuBe solutions for the telecom and server markets include: