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Materion’s Combo-Lid™ is a leading choice for hermetic microelectronic packages.

When you need cover lids for high reliability applications in semiconductor, MEMS, crystal oscillator, medical and optical devices, our unique patented Combo-Lids™ can function in the harshest service environments.

Top of Combo Lid Illustration

The base metal of our high performance Combo-Lids™ is Kovar™ or Alloy 42, which is plated with nickel and gold flash, and tack-welded to a solder perform, usually AuSn eutectic. The nickel layer inhibits corrosion, while the precious metal (gold) layer promotes solderability and ensures a clean particulate-free surface.  Tack-welding the solder preform to the lid conveniently aligns the solder to the perimeter of the lid, simplifying handling and reducing part count.  Therefore, Hermetic Combo-Lids™ offer a best-cost solution.

Lid Composition

  • Length & width dimension tolerance +/-.003"
  • Thickness dimension tolerance is +/-.001" with Flatness <.001" for="" lids=""><.500" or="" .002="" for="" lids="">.500", burrs <>

Lid Frame

  • Length & width dimension tolerance +/-.003"
  • Thickness dimension tolerance +/-.0003"

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    CONTACT US for personalized assistance on lid and frame composition, mechanisms for sealing hermetic microelectronic packaging and design guidelines.


We employ unique capabilities to design and produce hermetically sealed packages.

  • Lids and preforms are also available individually   
  • Our engineers assist you with customized designs for cover lid, frame size and related tooling
  • We produce Combo-Lid™ products in the USA, Singapore and the Philippines for near-source distribution
  • We recommend process parameters for hermetic seals that ensure maximum assembly line yields