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Introducing Materion COVERexpress

Packaging Material Delivered in Half the Time

Materion’s Advanced Materials business segment announced today a new service that will halve the existing scheduled delivery time for microelectronic packaging products ordered in smaller quantities. Faster receipt will enable customers to accelerate R&D projects and decrease their time to market.

Through Materion’s COVERexpress service, delivery of Combo-LidsTM and solder preforms can be expedited without compromising product quality. Rather, the time savings is achieved through employing a proprietary process that can swiftly create complex designs or micro-sized products without the lengthier time required to fabricate hard tools. This method reduces manufacturing time, resulting in shortened delivery time. For those customers engaged in product feasibility studies and rapid prototyping, faster delivery of materials will allow work to begin sooner.

“For our customers with critical time restraints or requiring smaller production volumes, the ability to halve delivery time provides a huge advantage,” commented Donald Klimkowicz, President, Materion Advanced Materials. “COVERexpress is just one more way that Materion anticipates and meets our customers’ packaging needs.”  

New Product Development

In addition to the new COVERexpress service, Materion research facilities offer new product development support encompassing a variety of competencies in R&D. Its technical experts assist with prototypes for bench-to-full scale production of custom products. Application engineers are also available for trouble-shooting or to accelerate product development.

Lids for Every Application

For microelectronic packaging needs, Materion is the industry’s cover lid innovator. Its broad product line is tooled for over 8,000 preform shapes with the capability to customize and manufacture Combo-LidTM designs to unique requirements. Combo-LidsTM are available with either metal or ceramic lids, and with the option of non-magnetic construction.