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Microelectronics News Archive - 2012 to 2014

Following are individual articles contained in issues of Microelectronics & Services Newsletters.


  1. Web Page 5-9s Gold - Ultra High Purity Material

    Gold is used extensively in technology intensive industries such as MEMS, medical, and compound semiconductor wafer fabrication and commonly deposited as thin film using an electron-beam evaporation process.

  2. Web Page Additional Capacity-Shorter Lead Times

    The Wheatfield facility of Materion has expanded their chemical shield kit cleaning capacity to meet increased customer volume.

  3. Web Page Advances In AuSn Target Materials

    Materion Microelectronics and Services is proud to offer AuSn, an emerging alternative on opto-electronic devices that enables complex solder pad geometry as well as thinner coatings.

  4. Web Page Advantages of Precision Parts Cleaning and Aluminum Twin Wire Arc Spray Coatings

    Materion’s Precision Parts Cleaning service, coupled with its precious metal recovery and refining service, offers an unmatched vertically integrated solution. With its in-house aluminum twin arc spray (TWAS) coatings, we offer a ‘one-stop’ solution.

  5. Web Page Bimetal and Trimetal Products

    New innovative metals materials offered.

  6. Web Page Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Materion takes proactive measures to identify risk.

  7. PDF icon Challenge of Applying Ohmic Contacts to GaAs Devices

    Methods and materials for achieving ohmic contacts to GaAs. Materion is a leading supplier of thin film deposition materials for the semiconductor market.

  8. PDF icon CS Mantech Paper PVD AuSn

    Materion has partnered to develop a solution for producing precision AuSn solder films.

  9. Web Page C-Scan Units

    To ensure that PVD bonded sputtering targets produced in its facilities have the industry-best bond coverage, Materion has placed several C-scan units in each of its PVD bond labs around the world.

  10. Web Page Customers Benefit from New Automated Packaging Process

    Materion streamlines SAP Processes for better workflow.

  11. Web Page Customized Products Developed for Specific Applications

    Materion meets customers’ technology demands by developing unique solutions such as the Ceramic Combo LidTM

  12. PDF icon Developments in Tarnish Resistant Silver Alloys

    This technical paper discusses the use of silver-based alloys and the improvements in tarnish resistance.

  13. Web Page Emerging Medical Trends

    Materion Supports healthcare as a supplier to the medical device and semiconductor industry.

  14. Web Page Enhanced Targets for Magnetron Applications

    Improved designs allow for cost efficiencies for precious metal targets and increase target lifetime.

  15. Web Page Epoxy-Coated Lids

    The launch of the Epo-Lid™ product line enables Materion to offer customers both package and matching lid in one easy step. Nearly all RF power transistors intended are sealed in packages with an epoxy-sealed ceramic lid.

  16. Web Page Evaporation Crucible Cleaning

    Materion has developed an improved method of cleaning new crucible liners to remove any surface contamination that has demonstrated a reduction in particles during the evaporation process.

  17. Web Page Evaporation Material Purity

    Materion produces high-performance elemental and composite evaporation PVD materials in a variety of forms and purities, specializing in the microelectronics market.

  18. Web Page Face to Face Around Materion Katie Gardinier

    Meet Katie Gardinier, Director of Technology

  19. Web Page Face to Face Around Materion Nicolae Baloi

    Meet Nicolae Baloi, Materion's new Vice President of Quality for the Advanced Materials Group.

  20. Web Page Face to Face Around Materion Scott Haluska

    Meet VP of Global Sales Scott Haluska.

  21. Web Page Face to Face Around Materion: Richard Koba

    Meet Dr. Richard Koba, Market Segment Manager for Wireless and LEDs

  22. Web Page Face to Face with Chris Johnson

    Meet Materion Marketing Manager for Semiconductor and Industrial.

  23. Web Page Flange Materials - Materion Now and Next Generation

    Materion is working to develop new flange material for the GaN industry.

  24. Web Page Full Service Closed Loop

    Materion reduces cost of ownership for its precious metal customers with its “Full Service Closed Loop” approach.

  25. Web Page Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry

    Materion offers value-added Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) analytical services for customers whose materials require the most accurate level of analysis.

  26. Web Page GMR Technology Review

    Magnetoresistance, which is the change in resistivity of materials once in a magnetic field, as well as typical products used in giant magnetoresistive technology (GMR) are explored.

  27. Web Page Gold Reduction Strategies

    Learn how Materion will work with you to minimize the cost of gold by managing the entire gold life cycle. We build customized material management programs around our customers individual needs and consumption around all high value materials.

  28. Web Page Gold Spitting-Customers Learn Potential Solutions

    Materion wins best poster award at CS Mantech show for Technical Paper on Gold Spitting.

  29. Web Page HDD Market Growth

    As the HDD market continues to grow, Materion Microelectronics & Services will play a pivotal role. As a lead supplier in the thin film recording head market, we will continue to enable new GMR, TMR and CPP thin film heads.

  30. Web Page Improve Your Memory

    Materion offers an update on the changing memory market requirements and its available products that support STT-RAM.

  31. Web Page Innovative Ceramic Combo Lid

    As the industry’s cover lid innovator, Materion developed a non-magnetic hermetic cover lid.

  32. Web Page LED and Wireless Market Growth

    Materion has serves the LED and wireless markets by supplying PVD consumable materials like evaporation slugs and sputtering targets as well as powders used for the formulation of advanced phosphors.

  33. Web Page Let There Be Light! Inorganic Semiconductor Based Solid State Lighting Technology from Materion Microelectronics & Services

    Inorganic semiconductor based solid state lighting technology has the capabilities for incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and is poised to take over the lighting industry in the coming years.

  34. Web Page Managing Mass Balance

    Achieving full precious metal accountability and reducing costs are key to customers in managing mass balance.

  35. Web Page Materion Expands Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program

    AML Compliance Team formed.

  36. Web Page Materion ISO Recertified

    Re-Certification for quality standards ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 1400l.

  37. Web Page Materion Microelectronics & Services Develops Copper Nickel Alloy Engineering Better Material Solutions

    At the forefront of Nickel and Nickel alloy development, Materion Microelectronics & Services is dedicated to providing an alloy that meets the industry chemical requirements, inclusion free and cost effective.

  38. Web Page Materion Microelectronics & Services Develops Cu/Ni Alloy For VED Industry

    At the forefront of Nickel and Nickel alloy development, Materion Microelectronics & Services is dedicated to providing an alloy that meets the industry chemical requirements, inclusion free and cost effective.

  39. Web Page Materion Microelectronics & Services 'gets' the Lead Out!

    Materion Microelectronics & Services offers several lead free alternatives for solder alloys including low and high temperature alloys.

  40. Web Page Materion Site Gains Conflict Free Gold Refiner Status

    Buffalo facility qualified to CFS Compliant List.

  41. PDF icon ME Newsletter-April 2012

    This issue includes articles on reducing gold content in hermetic lids, the importance of high purity gold to improve performance, LED applications of precious metals, twin arc spray (TWAS) coatings, cleaning of crucibles, epoxy coated lids and more.

  42. PDF icon ME Newsletter-Dec 2012

    This issue includes articles on the challenges of gold spitting during PVD processes, precision parts cleaning, new Materion bi-metal and tri-metal products and the anti-money laundering compliance program.

  43. Web Page ME Newsletter-Dec 2013

    This issue includes articles on the purity of sputter targets and evaporation sources, silver alloys in LEDs and an update on digital storage.

  44. PDF icon ME Newsletter-July 2012

    This issue includes articles on optimal thin film uniformity, reducing nodules on sputtering targets, expansion of Materion precision parts cleaning services and more.

  45. PDF icon ME Newsletter-June 2013

    This issue includes articles on managing precious metal mass balance, the challenges of gold spitting during PVD processes, producing the highest quality silver casting grain and more.

  46. PDF icon ME Newsletter-March 2013

    This issue includes articles on tarnish-resistant silver alloys, conflict-free metals, new automated packaging processes and disaster recovery.

  47. PDF icon ME Newsletter-Sept 2012

    This issue includes articles on Materion's unique Combo Lid, precious metal recovery, precision parts cleaning and ICAP advantage.

  48. PDF icon ME Newsletter-Sept 2013

    This issue includes articles on copper parts cleaning, the new Materion ceramic combo lid, target bonding issues and the advantages of using starter sources.

  49. Web Page Metallurgical Expert Discusses Tarnish-Resistant Silver Alloys

    Materion Director authors paper on comparative testing.

  50. Web Page Mimizing Costs of Precious Metals in Compound Semiconductors

    It is important to recover the maximum amount of Au and Pt from the shield kit to minimize total cost of ownership. Materion has developed proprietary chemical processes that offer distinct advantages over traditional shield kit cleaning.

  51. Web Page Mirror Finish Product 6x36 - Success Story

    Materion has developed a smarter solution to improve the quality of its 6”x36” jewelry grade sterling sheet and is now able to offer several different surface finish qualities that address separate industry segments.

  52. Web Page MRAM Technology Review

    Materion Microelectronics & Services produces magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) technology that is a memory storage technique. As MRAM technology develops, researchers predict it will replace traditional forms of data storage.

  53. Web Page Nanotechnology Initiative

    At Materion Microelectronics & Services, we are a leading provider of PVD materials to manufactures of nanotechnology. As the market continues to expand, our involvement with nanotechnology will increase as well.

  54. Web Page Nonmagnetic Materion Combo Lids

    Meeting the packaging industry need for a Combo LidTM that is also nonmagnetic.

  55. Web Page Ophthalmic Technology Review

    Materion Microelectronics & Services manufactures several products used in ophthalmic technology and different ophthalmic applications including protective and transitional lens coatings.

  56. Web Page Powder Processing of Sputtering Targets

    Materion offers powder processing procedures that improve performance.

  57. Web Page Precious Metals in LED Manufacture

    Materion has developed pure precious metals and custom alloys ideal for the PVD manufacture of LEDs.

  58. Web Page Precious Metals Life Cycle Management for LED Applications

    One major hurdle left for full adoption of LEDs into residential spaces is reducing the cost of the LED replacement bulb. Materion provides a simplified solution to help reduce materials costs.

  59. Web Page PVD Magnetron Sputtering Parameters and their Effect

    AuSn eutectic solder is frequently used in the semiconductor packaging process, particularly LEDs., Materion has optimized the manufacturing methods for producing AuSn sputtering targets and PVD magnetron sputtering parameters, in order to control the composition of the sputtered solder.

  60. PDF icon PVD Products

    Materion offers a comprehensive line of thin film deposition products and related services. Our unique technological capabilities enable us to identify and develop best-cost solutions across a wide range of demanding markets.

  61. PDF icon Refining

    With over 100 years of experience in refining, recycling and recovery, our precious metals programs offer the highest returns and fastest settlement times in the industry.

  62. Web Page RESTART Program Expanded

    Materion program achieves lower cost of ownership in managing your specialty metals such as chromium, nickel and tantalum.

  63. Web Page Restart with Materion

    Rethink spent target disposal and preserve valuable material resources.

  64. Web Page Selectively Plated Lid - Combo Lid

    With the aim of reducing gold content on hermetic lids, Materion has developed the patented Selectively Plated Lid which will deliver a superior performance while providing flexibility in selecting the right configuration.

  65. Web Page Semiconductor Market Update

    Materion offers complete microelectronics packaging products and services

  66. Web Page Shield Kit Cleaning Services

    Complete shield-cleaning services for precious and non precious metals are available at Materion Microelectronics & Services. Optional post cleaning surface treatment and clean room parts packaging are some of the services offered.

  67. Web Page Silver Alloys as Reflection Layer in LEDs

    Materion silver alloys provide superior alternative.

  68. Web Page Solar Cells Technology Review

    Materion Microelectronics & Services manufacture solar or PV cells. These cells use sunlight to produce power, and can be used in a variety of high performance applications.

  69. Web Page Stable Bonding for Semiconductor Applications

    Materion’s metallization process provides stable bonding for semiconductor applications.

  70. Web Page Starter Sources

    Materion is supporting the replacement of traditional evaporation slugs with solid custom-designed starter sources.

  71. PDF icon Stats and Chats-April 2014

    Materion's newsletter with updates on LED, semiconductor and precious metal industries.

  72. PDF icon Stats and Chats-Dec 2014

    A Materion publication covering information of interest on semiconductors, PVD materials, advanced memory and precious metals management..

  73. PDF icon Stats and Chats-July 2014

    Materion's quarterly newsletter: Read up on the latest information related to semiconductors, precious metals, LEDs and more.

  74. Web Page Stiffer Than Titanium Lighter Than Aluminum

    Materion’s AlSiC offers multiple advantages.

  75. Web Page Streamlining Wire and Strip Manufacturing

    Materion Consolidates and Broadens Capabilities in Wheatfield, NY facility.

  76. Web Page Substrate Materials for High Power Transistors

    RF Power transistors are responsible for amplifying RF signals to an output of 5 – 1000 watts, which are then directed out from antennas. These power transistors are used for wireless communication (cell phone base stations), radar, radio, broadcast television, and industrial power supplies. The frequency of operation constrains the size of the semiconductor device, so operating at high power inevitably results in high densities of waste heat which must be conducted away from the chip.

  77. Web Page Summit Gathers Channel Partners in China

    Materion’s first Summit was held in Hangzhou, China to network with channel partners.

  78. Web Page Technology Roadmaps - Vision Into Value

    At Materion, technology roadmaps have been effectively developed and deployed in new product development for years providing valuable input for the sales and marketing teams on product trends, market trajectory and customer sentiment.

  79. Webpage The Cleanest Room of All

    Materion meets semiconductor cleanliness levels.

  80. Web Page The Ongoing Commitment to VISIR Coating Materials

    Data and examples to illustrate Materion Microelectronics & Services’ ongoing commitment to VIS/IR and I/R coating materials are discussed in this issue of Coating Materials News. The information features details on continued improvement and new product innovation and testing.

  81. Web Page Visi-Lid™ Packaging Technology For Long Wave Infrared Devices

    Materion Microelectronics & Services has developed a way to hermetically seal high performance optical devices, while still receiving photonic energy from the environment: the Visi-Lid™.

  82. Webpage Whats Next-Digital Storage Wars

    Materion Supplies Magnetic Material for Solid State Storage

  83. Web Page X-Tended Life Targets for Magnetron Sputtering Applications

    Materion has created improved X-Tended™ Life Targets to make efficient use of expensive precious metals in sputtering targets.

  84. Web Page Xtended™ Life Target Designs from Materion Microelectronics and Services

    At Materion Microelectronics & Services we offer our customers superior quality, performance and price. Recently, we transformed the selection process of target materials, and developed a more cost efficient process for disc creation.