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Parallelogram Filter Array

Materion continues to push its capabilities in the micro-assembly of discrete filters with the successful design and construction of a multi element parallelogram-multi-spectral filter micro-array. A key driver in its development was the desire to reduce mass, power and volume in multi-spectral sensors through the elimination of the filter wheel or many discrete filters. The main advantage of the new parallelogram micro-array technology is the reduction of stray light and high angle scatter which will provide customers with higher quality data and imagery.Parallelogram Filter Array Illustration

High Performance Alternative

These newly developed parallelogram micro-arrays will provide a very rugged, high-performance alternative to standard butcher-block or patterned filter arrays or diffraction gratings. They may be designed and built for use with any focal plane array detector from the ultraviolet to long wave infrared wavelength ranges.

To meet customer requirements, the micro-arrays will be custom built to match the light incident angle of the optical system. The parallelogram construction will consist of individual elements precision-diced and assembled with as many bands as desired with a pitch as small as 0.100mm.

Parallelogram Filter Array Applications

There are many applications for the new filter array, ranging from commercial colorimetry to space based multi-spectral imaging.  In addition to the parallelogram, we produce high precision multispectral patterned filter arrays.  With over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing filter arrays, Materion leads in high-technology solutions to meet your needs. For inquiries please call (978) 392-3856 or email Kevin Downing, Director - Marketing & Business Development, Defense & SSA: