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Materion and Earth Imaging

Multispectral Arrays

The world of earth imaging is rapidly changing and Materion‘s enabling products and technology are at the forefront of this change. For decades earth imaging was the domain of larger government-based platforms (Landsat, VIIRS, Sentinel, etc.). Over the last few years with the commercialization of LEO (lower earth orbit), there has been an explosion of private satellite companies now capable of providing high resolution imaging. Materion’s expertise in providing multispectral filters and arrays for government projects has proven invaluable in supporting these industrial enterprises. 

Materion’s ArrayTec™  product line  is a perfect match for the fast-paced, higher volume needs driving the commercialization of earth imagery. Whether it’s our Standard, Select or Custom models all are fully space-qualified and backed by 35+ years of successful space missions. We’ve taken our unmatched heritage, capabilities and experience in this area and tuned it towards the requirements of today’s marketplace. 

Wildfire Spreads in Ft. McMurray Canada_NASA Landsat PhotoFrom mapping inaccessible areas, to continuous monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, to natural resource surveillance - the potential uses for this imagery are endless.  Many companies have significant growth and expansion plans based on their intent for sustained earth imaging across the globe.

(Image NASA Landsat - Wildlife spreads in Fort McMurray Canada)

Materion’s leading-edge filter technology and thorough understanding of the needs associated with these optical components have assisted many small pico sat companies in their quest for the highest earth imaging resolution possible. Materion is proud to partner with like-minded companies expanding the use of space-based optics for projects that benefit the world.

For information about our products and services in support of earth imaging, please contact Dave Harrison, Project Manager,