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Our blog contains articles from our engineers and subject matter experts on a variety of topics. Whether it's explaining scientific concepts, detailing how to use advanced materials to solve engineering problems, or discussing the latest industry trends, you'll find it all right here. 


  1. Web Page Harnessing Hydrogen: How the Right Materials Can Meet the Challenges and Shape a Hydrogen-Powered Future

    Recent studies show how advanced materials can overcome hurdles to realize the promise of clean hydrogen technology.

  2. Web Page The Next Generation of Connectivity: 4 Future Trends in Telecommunications

    An overview of coming innovations in telecommunications technology and how they will transform the way we connect.

  3. Web Page In Our Element: What Do S-N Diagrams Reveal About Fatigue Behavior?

    Learn about how S-N diagrams work to show a material’s fatigue behavior.

  4. Web Page In Our Element: What Is Fatigue Failure?

    A high-level discussion on how cyclic stresses can result in unexpected failures.

  5. Web Page In Our Element: What Is Strain Hardening?

    Discussion of how strain hardening uses deformation to add strength to a metal.

  6. Webpage Thermal Management Options in Consumer Electronics

    Learn what options are available to manage heat in electronic devices, and how the choice of materials can make all the difference in solving engineering challenges.

  7. Web Page In Our Element: What Is Heat Treating?

    Discussion on the mechanisms of material strengthening by application of heat.

  8. Web Page In Our Element: What Is Material Formability and Why Is It Important?

    Find out how to find the bend formability of your materials, as demonstrated with copper strip

  9. Web Page In Our Element: What Factors Impact Connector Design in Consumer Electronics?

    Discussion of connector design considerations for creating smaller, lighter and better-performing electronic devices.

  10. Webpage In Our Element: What Is Impact Resistance?

    More and more everyday devices contain electronics and must be able to withstand impacts. Learn more about impact resistance and the materials that can help.

  11. Webpage Advanced Materials for Defense - Part 2: Thermal Management

    Advanced materials are used for thermal management in high-consequence defense equipment across multiple domains.

  12. Webpage In Our Element: How Do Strain Changes Affect Material and Environmental Interaction?

    Stress-strain curves are extremely important in understanding how materials perform – and how they fail.

  13. Webpage Top Trends in Electric Vehicle Batteries From the North American Battery Show 2022

    Insights for EV and hybrid vehicles from the 2022 NA Battery Show

  14. Webpage In Our Element: What Is Thermal Expansion and Contraction?

    Read about the coefficient of thermal expansion and how it affects the materials you use.

  15. Webpage In Our Element: How Does Temperature Affect Material Properties?

    Read about instantaneous changes vs. metallurgical changes and how they affect material properties.

  16. Webpage In Our Element: How Does Galvanic Corrosion Affect Copper Alloys?

    Galvanic corrosion can occur in many environments like seawater, chemical processing and automotive connectors. Read to learn how you can stop the corrosion.

  17. Webpage In Our Element: What Is Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking?

    Learn about evaluating material susceptibility to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

  18. Web Page Beryllium Materials for Defense Applications - Part 1: Optical Systems

    Materion's beryllium-containing materials are used for high-consequence defense applications where consistent performance is required.

  19. Webpage Before and After Apollo: Materion’s 60 Years in Space

    Our space legacy can be traced back from the earliest Project Mercury mission to current innovations such as the James Webb Telescope and Kilopower project—with many others in between. Read about the 60 years of material contributions that we made to critical NASA missions.

  20. Webpage In Our Element: What Is the Impact of Speed on Materials Failure?

    Find out how speed affects the way that materials and environmental forces interact.

  21. Webpage In Our Element: What Is Stress Relaxation of Materials?

    Read about the causes, effects, and prevention of stress relaxation.

  22. Webpage Targeting 5G and IoT with the Right Material

    Let’s take a closer look at how Aluminum Scandium Targets enable advanced technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things.

  23. Webpage Materion is Making Its Way to One of Jupiter’s Moons!

    Learn more about collaboration with the Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration.

  24. Webpage Materion Precision Optics Remaining Filters Delivered for Legacy Survey of Space and Time Telescope

    Read more about our one-of-a-kind filter technology for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

  25. Webpage Advancing Materials Series: History of Coating Materials News & More

    Learn about the rich history of Materion's own optical coatings newsletter that lead up to the development of Coating Materials News & More.

  26. Webpage In Our Element: How Can Connector Insertion Force Be Reduced?

    Read about how the choice of material can reduce connector insertion force while maintaining adequate normal force.

  27. Webpage In Our Element: What Are the Magnetic Properties of Copper Beryllium?

    Read about copper beryllium as a material solution in applications requiring nonmagnetic characteristics.

  28. Webpage Killing Germs With LEDs

    Read about the types of UV rays and how they kill germs in LED technology.

  29. Webpage In Our Element: What Are the Different Kinds of Magnetic Properties?

    Read about the types of magnetic properties and considerations for each.

  30. Webpage Enabling a Global Wireless Infrastructure

    Applications and things that touch our lives daily, Materion is committed to enabling and developing the global wireless network. Take a closer look at how Materion contributes to various consumer products and the wireless infrastructure.

  31. Webpage Legacy Survey of Space and Time

    Materion Precision Optics first of its kind filter delivered to be used at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

  32. Webpage In Our Element: What is the Correlation Between Hardness and Strength?

    Read about how strength and hardness correlate with one another.

  33. Webpage Optimal Strategies for Gold Cost Reduction

    Discover how Materion optimizes valuable gold and precious metals cost reduction through effective strategies they've developed over time and extensive experience.

  34. Webpage Gold Refined to High Purity Levels

    Learn about the technology to refining gold and why it's so beneficial to high quality product development in key markets.

  35. Webpage Ultra Pure and Clean Gold

    Discover how Materion optimizes the gold spitting process to reduce waste, cost and provide top quality products. to manufacturers.

  36. Webpage 5-9s Gold: Ultra High Purity Material

    Discover the importance of Materion's refined gold to the highest purity level.

  37. Webpage In Our Element: What is the Anti-Friction Behavior of Copper-Based Bearing Alloys?

    Read about the testing conducted to measure the strength and friction of copper-based alloys used in bearing applications.

  38. Webpage In Our Element: What Is the Galling Resistance of Copper Alloys?

    Read about the galling resistance of ToughMet 2 alloy when compared with two other copper alloys measured against 4140 steel.

  39. Webpage Materion Balzers Optics are Out-Of-This-World

    Learn more about the advanced optics and other materials Materion has aboard the Mars Rover Perseverance.

  40. Webpage Cosworth Strengthens Piston Performance with Materion

    Read on to see how Cosworth Automotive has strengthened engine performance using pistons made of Materion materials.

  41. Webpage In Our Element: How Do You Clean Copper Beryllium?

    Read about the techniques to remove oxides on copper beryllium that interfere with plating and soldering.

  42. Webpage Meet ToughMet 2 Alloy: High Performance at An Affordable Price for Heavily Loaded Bearing Applications

    ToughMet 2 alloy offers the low friction of a bearing bronze and the strength of steel with better corrosion resistance than either bronze or steel.

  43. Webpage In Our Element: How Does Silver Perform as an Electronic Connector Contact Surface?

    Read about silver as a coating material for electronic connectors.

  44. Webpage What’s Next for the Electric Vehicle Market?

    Read on to see if the pandemic has affected the EV industry and what innovations you can expect in 2021.

  45. Webpage In Our Element: How Do You Braze Copper Beryllium?

    Read about the benefits of brazing copper beryllium, procedures to follow and design considerations.

  46. Webpage Revolutionizing LED and Light Protection

    Discover VISI-LID™ COVERS to provide custom hermetic lids for shielding sensitive light components.

  47. Webpage In Our Element: How Do I Select the Right Temper of Copper Beryllium Strip Alloy?

    Find out how to select the right temper of copper beryllium strip alloy for your application.

  48. Webpage In Our Element: How Can Shape Distortion of High Strength Copper Beryllium Be Controlled?

    Read about the age hardening process and ways to control shape distortion for high strength copper beryllium.

  49. Webpage BAW Application of AlSc Material in 5G RF Filters

    Learn how Materion is contributing to the evolution of 5G wireless communications through the development and use of AlSc material in BAW-based 5G RF filters.

  50. Webpage Most Common Myths About 5G

    Learn the truth about some of the most common 5G misconceptions.

  51. Webpage In Our Element: What Value for Coefficient of Friction Should I Use in My Calculations?

    Find out how to determine the right coefficient of friction for use in calculations given the highly variable quantity of friction.

  52. Webpage In Our Element With Mike Gedeon: How Much Current Can Safely Run Through a Connector?

    Read about the factors that affect connector current capacity based on the connector geometry, electrical resistance and maximum allowed temperature rise.

  53. Webpage The Future of Augmented Reality is Here

    Learn about smart glasses, augmented reality technology and optical MEMS using hermetic lid covers with a reflective window

  54. Webpage In Our Element: What Is Solid Solution Hardening and How Does It Improve Strength?

    Learn about the two types of solid solution hardening and the way in which each improves material strength.

  55. Webpage In Our Element: How Do You Heat Treat Copper Beryllium Parts?

    Learn about the process of heat treating copper beryllium and the available copper beryllium alloys.

  56. Webpage Materion Precision Coatings Among Top Teams Selected to exhibit at AFWERX EngageSpace

    Read more about our participation in EngageSpace

  57. Webpage In Our Element with Mike Gedeon: What Makes a Good Spring Material?

    Read about the factors affecting material choice for springs.

  58. Webpage Welcome to "In Our Element"

    Welcome to our new technical article series, where our engineers will answer common customer questions.

  59. Webpage Join Our Webinar: Isotropic Aluminum Composites for High Stability & Lightweight Applications

    Join our webinar to learn about lightweight aluminum alloys for broad range of transport and communications applications.

  60. Webpage Join Our Webinar: Three Innovative Material Systems for Electric Vehicles

    Join our webinar to learn about three innovative clad material systems that optimize performance in electric vehicles.

  61. Webpage What Is 5G? What Benefits Will it Bring?

    Behind the scenes, 5G will allow for more users on the network in a limited space. Learn about the many benefits it offers and the timeline.

  62. Webpage Join the Webinar on Aug. 6th on Thermal-Structural Materials Solutions for Heat Management in Electronic Devices

    Join our upcoming webinar on August 6th, hosted by ASM International, about the benefits of using hybrid systems that combine multiple materials to achieve desired structural, thermal, and other properties.

  63. Webpage Materion 2020 Scholarship Winners

    Meet Materion's 2020 scholarship winners.

  64. Webpage Join Our Webinar: Material Considerations for Electrical Contacts in High Reliability Medical Connectors

    Join our webinar to learn about the importance of evaluating the advanced materials used in high-reliability connectors and switches and why copper and clad metals offer an ideal solution.

  65. Webpage Galling Resistance of Materion’s Materials when Self Mated and Mated with Various Metals

    Galling occurs when metals adhere to each other during sliding contact. This is especially important when considering threaded connections that need be assembled rapidly and repetitively as required in drill string applications. Read this technical article for more on galling.

  66. Webpage 2018 Materion Scholarship Winner Places in World Business Competition

    Materion Scholarship recipent, Gabe Sayer, qualifies to compete in the Capsim Foundation Challenge.

  67. Webpage Virtual Battery Show Europe: New Clad Solution

    Despite Battery Show Europe being postponed, Uli Greschner, Sales and Marketing Manager, shares iON EV ™ clad—our newest material for charging connectors.

  68. Webpage The Show Must Go On! SVC 2020 Chicago: Personal Connections & Key Technology

    This article features our Advanced Materials technical expert and board member, David Sanchez offering his thoughts around the Society of Vacuum Coaters show experience past and present.

  69. Webpage Get SAE WCX World Congress Experience Information Virtually

    With the cancellation of SAE WCX 2020, the Materion team is providing materials innovation information and powertrain testing data virtually.

  70. Webpage Advanced Materials Partners with Customers to Battle COVID-19

    Materion’s Advanced Materials team produces crucial parts for a manufacturer of portable ultrasonic transducers that help identify the severity of the COVID-19 disease.

  71. Webpage Materion Optical Filters Help Detect Coronavirus

    Materion Precision Coatings' optical filters are a key part of the optical measurement in the PCR systems that are being used to detect the COVID-19 virus.

  72. Webpage Materion's Alzenau Facility Melts Its 1,000th Ingot

    Materion's Alzenau, Germany facility melted their 1,000th silver ingot recently setting a company milestone.

  73. Webpage A New Aluminum Association Designation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

    Materion’s 5% beryllium aluminum commercial grade master alloy is now formally designated as aluminum hardener H2021 in the association’s International Designation of Aluminum Hardener listings. Read more about this designation.

  74. Webpage Celebrating International Womens Day

    Materion celebrates International Women’s Day 2020 as a call to support an equal and enabled world for women and their achievements.

  75. Webpage Introducing Dr Abe Ghanbari - Vice President – Technology and Innovation

    Dr. Ghanbari joined Materion July 2019 and is responsible for technology and market development and deployment of thin film coating worldwide.

  76. Webpage Materion-Sponsored Team Hosts VEX Robotics Competition

    Materion sponsors Longfellow Robotics Team as they host state competition.

  77. Webpage NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Makes Its Final Voyage

    NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, whose beryllium mirror was proudly produced by Materion, was recently retired, on January 30, 2020. Learn about this mission.

  78. Webpage PRI 2019: Racing Materials Innovations in Indianapolis

    At PRI 2019, our experts showcased Materion’s advanced materials solutions and racers, Sam Abbate and Doug Markel, discussed the benefits of upgrading their racecars with our materials. If you missed the show, view our video recaps below to hear from the team in the booth.

  79. Web Page Materion and Swiss-based Synopta GmbH Partner for Space Satellite Success

    Materion and Swiss-based Synopta GmbH have announced the completion of the latest satellite as part of the Copernicus Earth observation project—an initiative that monitors the changing conditions and general heath of the planet. Materion provided the advanced materials used in the optical communication system on board the satellites, including the most recent one that launched in August 2019. Read more about this space success.

  80. Webpage The Rise of the Smallsat - featured in SatMagazine

    Satellites of less than 180 kilograms are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to enable new technologies and achieve revolutionary results. Read on to learn more about small satellite capabilities, their role in the industry and what’s next for small sats. in space exploration.

  81. Webpage Top Electric Vehicle Trends from the Battery Show

    Learn about the latest trends from the Battery Show 2019. This show features advanced battery and electric vehicle (EV) technology providers. Read about the changing trends for EVs from our latest time in Novi, MI and the future of batteries.

  82. Webpage Small Satellites Propel the Space Industry Forward in Utah at the 33rd Small Satellite Conference

    The 33rd Small Satellite Conference explores the shifting impact of the small satellites on the space industry. Materion has been attending the show for several years and this year we’re sharing our key takeaways from the event.

  83. Webpage 5 Insights on the Future of Technical Ceramics from Ceramics Expo 2019

    As a key exhibitor at Ceramics Expo 2019, Materion team is continuing the discussion by capturing some of biggest insights from this year’s event. Whether you were at the show or unable to attend, check out our take on the industry trends and technologies.