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"New at Materion" is the place to go to find out the latest news and insights on the products and technology developing at Materion. In addition to becoming an "insider", you will also have the chance to meet some of our employees and see the positive impacts we make in the communities where we live and work.


  1. Webpage A New Aluminum Association Designation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

    Materion’s 5% beryllium aluminum commercial grade master alloy is now formally designated as aluminum hardener H2021 in the association’s International Designation of Aluminum Hardener listings. Read more about this designation.

  2. Webpage Celebrating International Womens Day

    Materion celebrates International Women’s Day 2020 as a call to support an equal and enabled world for women and their achievements.

  3. Webpage Introducing Dr Abe Ghanbari - Vice President – Technology and Innovation

    Dr. Ghanbari joined Materion July 2019 and is responsible for technology and market development and deployment of thin film coating worldwide.

  4. Webpage Materion-Sponsored Team Hosts VEX Robotics Competition

    Materion sponsors Longfellow Robotics Team as they host state competition.

  5. Webpage NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Makes Its Final Voyage

    NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, whose beryllium mirror was proudly produced by Materion, was recently retired, on January 30, 2020. Learn about this mission.

  6. Webpage PRI 2019: Racing Materials Innovations in Indianapolis

    At PRI 2019, our experts showcased Materion’s advanced materials solutions and racers, Sam Abbate and Doug Markel, discussed the benefits of upgrading their racecars with our materials. If you missed the show, view our video recaps below to hear from the team in the booth.

  7. Web Page Materion and Swiss-based Synopta GmbH Partner for Space Satellite Success

    Materion and Swiss-based Synopta GmbH have announced the completion of the latest satellite as part of the Copernicus Earth observation project—an initiative that monitors the changing conditions and general heath of the planet. Materion provided the advanced materials used in the optical communication system on board the satellites, including the most recent one that launched in August 2019. Read more about this space success.

  8. Webpage The Rise of the Smallsat - featured in SatMagazine

    Satellites of less than 180 kilograms are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to enable new technologies and achieve revolutionary results. Read on to learn more about small satellite capabilities, their role in the industry and what’s next for small sats. in space exploration.

  9. Webpage Top Electric Vehicle Trends from the Battery Show

    Learn about the latest trends from the Battery Show 2019. This show features advanced battery and electric vehicle (EV) technology providers. Read about the changing trends for EVs from our latest time in Novi, MI and the future of batteries.

  10. Webpage Small Satellites Propel the Space Industry Forward in Utah at the 33rd Small Satellite Conference

    The 33rd Small Satellite Conference explores the shifting impact of the small satellites on the space industry. Materion has been attending the show for several years and this year we’re sharing our key takeaways from the event.

  11. Webpage Before and After Apollo: Materion’s 60 Years in Space

    Our space legacy can be traced back from the earliest Project Mercury mission to current innovations such as the James Webb Telescope and Kilopower project—with many others in between. Read about the 60 years of material contributions that we made to critical NASA missions.

  12. Webpage 5 Insights on the Future of Technical Ceramics from Ceramics Expo 2019

    As a key exhibitor at Ceramics Expo 2019, Materion team is continuing the discussion by capturing some of biggest insights from this year’s event. Whether you were at the show or unable to attend, check out our take on the industry trends and technologies.