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2018 Materion Scholarship Winner Places in World Business Competition

While reality tv may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, there is no denying that it has taken the world by storm. And, some of the best moments happen when the show/season ends and there is a follow-up episode or two. While we don’t have a camera crew following us around at Materion, real life is still happening, and there are some things worth following up on, like this story.

Materion Scholarship Program Winner Gabe SGIVING BACK TO MATERION'S KIDS

The Materion Scholarship Program is one of many ways that our company gives back to employees; application is offered annually to high school seniors that are children of current Materion employees. The process is quite extensive, and the recipients (four per year) receive monetary assistance throughout their four (4) years of undergrad schooling, as long as they meet certain criteria. Gabe Sayer, son of Aaron Sayer, Senior Process Engineer at our Elmore, Ohio facility, was awarded a scholarship in 2018, and recently reached out to us with an update on his outstanding accomplishments.


Gabe is wrapping up his sophomore year at the College of Business at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), where he began using the Capsim Business Simulation software to learn how to run a multi-million dollar company. Gabe’s sharp mind and business mentality made these real-life simulations a breeze, and he excelled at all levels. As a result, he qualified to compete in the Capsim Foundation Challenge.

“The Capsim Challenge takes Capstone and Foundation alumni and pits them against each other in a biannual competition to crown the world’s best at running a multi-million-dollar simulation company. Twice each year, Capsim alumni have the opportunity to test their business acumen against competitors from around the globe.” Gabe’s performance in the eight (yes, eight) qualifying rounds placed him higher than any American team and earned him a spot in the challenge finals. He proudly represented BGSU in the finals earlier this month and placed sixth in the world! Does that give you goosebumps, or what?


Gabe is studying Accounting and Business Analytics at BGSU and says that this experience helped to shape him in both fields. He now has a clearer vision for his future career path…which we all hope leads him to Materion! Aaron and his family are so proud of Gabe’s success, especially this recent honor. Kudos from all of us at Materion, Gabe…we wish you continued success and achievement!