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Introducing Dr. Abe Ghanbari

VP Technology and Innovation

Interviewer: Jennifer Lee, Marketing and Communications Strategist

Materion Precision Coatings would like to introduce Dr. Abe Ghanbari the VP Technology and Innovation. Before joining Precision Coatings business unit, he was the Chief Solutions Officer + VP Technology at Semblant + HZO, where he managed the development and delivery of Nano-materials based coating from concept to final production. He joined Materion July 2019 and is responsible for technology and market development and deployment of thin film coating worldwide. Dr. Ghanbari holds his PhD in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University, an MBA in Operations and Marketing, BS in Electrical Engineering.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Precision Coatings? What is it that you do?

A: Materion Precision Coatings is one of the most technologically advanced thin film coating companies in the world.  We custom manufacturer and supply precision optical filters and coatings from the UV through the Far IR for commercial, medical, defense, space, and scientific applications.


In addition to providing standard narrow and wide bandpass filters, we custom manufacture discrete and monolithic multiband Filter Arrays, Ultra-Narrow bandpass and Linear Variable Filters (LVFs). Our offerings also include optical grade DLC coating, Wafer Level Coatings for Sensor manufacturing, patented Getters, and patterned coatings.


Q: What makes your company different from the competition?

A: We provide comprehensive engineering expertise and use innovative process technologies to custom manufacture and supply a broad array of products.  

  • We have multitudes of thin film coating technologies – Sputtering, Ion Beam Deposition, Ion Beam Assist deposition, Thermal and Electron Beam Evaporation and PECVD, among others.
  • We deliver innovative designs and prototype solutions fully supported by a volume manufacturing environment.
  • We leverage our broad resources and capabilities in roll-to-roll deposition, product development and high-volume production, converting and slitting.
  • We create customized products that provide truly unique material solutions to solve our customers' most complex technical challenges.
  • We offer quick turn development and rapid prototyping
  • We have a scalable production lines to support both customization and high volume.

Our goal is to deliver a broad scope of products and services with the technical expertise necessary to support our customers’ needs.


Q: Who are your end users?

A: Our end users come from a variety of markets such as aerospace defense, industry, medical, projection display and space. Customers use our optical filters and coated materials to manufacture products such as lasers, thermal imaging sensors, IR scopes, gas and flame detection, diabetic testing, theater and TV projection, satellites and large telescopes.


Q: What will your focus be in 2020?

A: We will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality optical coatings as in the past. Having a skilled team of optical engineers and scientists, and the latest in-house coating equipment, we will be enhancing our coatings capabilities by providing our customers with the lowest defect coatings available in industry, highest Laser Induced Damage Threshold coatings, Wafer Level Coatings for sensors and acquiring state-of-the-art technologies to augment our existing capabilities.


Q: How can readers find out more?

A: Precision Coatings webpage


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