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By: Anand Samant Market Director, Consumer Electronics

With the electronics industry experiencing greater power and data-transfer demands, heat management is becoming increasingly important for device performance and reliability. While large electronic devices typically have manual cooling systems such as fans to ensure they do not overheat, handheld devices are limited in the ways they can maintain the proper temperatures, relying almost exclusively on passive cooling systems. 

To put more processing power into devices such as smartphones, engineers need better materials options to manage the thermal load. Materion is dedicated to helping product development teams maintain a competitive edge by providing materials that sufficiently enable and enhance next generation technologies, including 5G and virtual reality, while simultaneously managing the heat generated.

During our upcoming webinar on August 6th, hosted by ASM International, I will discuss the benefits of using hybrid systems that combine multiple materials to achieve desired structural, thermal, and other properties. These materials can provide effective heat spreading while reducing the need to add specialty thermal-management solutions, saving both costs and internal device space. We will also look at some high-performance monolithic alloys designed to provide high thermal conductivity while retaining strength, suitable for heat-spreading components in electronic devices. Finally, we will touch upon metal matrix composites, combining light-weighting and mechanical properties with thermal properties such as conductivity and thermal expansion.

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